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Together with yourself, we develop an ideal vision of your organisation, from this emerges a clear sense of purpose, the essence of an identity brief.

A Graphic Design Council identity project starts not at the drawing board, but with a long hard look at the client organisation and its competitive environment.

Graphic Design Council consultants and designers investigate the organisation’s current identity, how it is perceived by its many audiences (internal and external); how it projects itself visually; how it communicates; how the people who work in it behave to each other and outsiders.


We research markets, products and competitors.


We look at how the parts of the organisation relate to each other, and to the whole. And we talk to senior executives about their vision and goals for the future.

We then form a view of how the organisation is, and should be, perceived and develop ideas for closing the gap.

Our recommendations may affect the strategy of the organisation, they will certainly address its mission, its positioning and it’s perceived structure and personality.

We bring a distinctive approach to this process. We reflect our findings back to to our clients simply and directly. We avoid platitudes, strategic jargon and received wisdom.


We try to get under the skin of an organisation and to offer new insights and radical, yet relevant, solutions.

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