Frequently Asked Design Questions

How long does a project take

A small project will generally take 3-4 weeks, though larger projects may take up to 3 months depending on scale, complexity and availability of key decision makers

How much does a project cost?

Every project has it's own set of issues and goals. It is not easy to estimate the whole project until we have gone through a discovery phase - we cap this at $3500 to start things off

Will I like what I see?

Yes! Our process is designed to allow you to be in control of the final outcome while we educate and advise. We have a 99% success rate with our projects and our clients are always delighted with the outcome. Most of whom generally say they didn't know they could look so good.

What are the latest design trends?

Two schools of thought here 1 - If trendy is important then we will work to that, but be aware that trend design will soon go out of date and fashion 2 - Good solid thinking with design that surprises while being on a strategic pathway. This is our preference to generate something unique, that will last while being absolutely in line with the marketing strategy.