Jalcon Home’s desire was to revise and re-think their brand strategy, signage, exhibition, brochure, advertising, video and web design.


As a premier building company, Jalcon Homes needed a brand agency to re-align their company image to one more suited to their current value proposition by revised story, graphics and logo design - this is how we achieved that success.

First we focused on clarifying their brand strategy and structure through a series of stringent workshops.

Having gained consensus from management, we the set about evolving the stories, images, diagrams and design system that could demonstrate the key benefits of working with Jalcon Homes.

Using IQON’s specialised and concise design system ensured that all of Jalcon’s brand, logo, signage, brochure, advertising, exhibition, video and web design requrements were met and managed with results that have driven the company several notches up to the stated objective.

Jalcon Homes began discussions with us towards the end of 2014.

They felt something was wrong with the way they were perceived in the market place, but didn't know the right method to go about addressing it...


All they knew was that they were losing opportunities and sales.

The design of a quality driven mark gives a large degree of credibility to the Jalcon product.


Homes built without compromise.

The incumbent brand mark did very little to support the quality proposition from Jalcon

This simple diagram effectively communicated the depth of Jalcon's offer

“It took us a while but we finally embraced the concept of a quality brand for our quality product.

I found IQON's BrandLogic® process enlightening, and rewarding.” 


Bruce McKinnon
Jalcon Homes Limited


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